By: Adam Strømme

Scratching his head incessantly as he perused numerous online newspapers, sources confirm that an area man new to politics is wondering what exactly the fuck is going on.

“Is this kind of stuff normal?” local resident Alan Henderson wondered aloud upon completing an article detailing the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s potential ties to Russia. American politics have been marked by an increasingly tense investigation into potential high level collaboration between the Russian government and key members with ties to the incumbent administration.

“This kind of stuff seems pretty sketchy, but i’m just not sure if politics has always been like that” the political neophyte continued.

Alongside the ongoing investigation, a controversial healthcare bill advanced by the Republican party has floundered on the floor of the Senate, with approval ratings hovering around 20 percent. Its main proposals include a rollback of subsidies provided by the Obama Administration, and the dismantling of many core protections for those with preexisting conditions.

“I’m just not sure I follow this: do these 23 million people just not want health insurance?” Mr. Henderson continued, citing a CBO report estimating the potential consequences of the Republican healthcare bill.

As Adam’s Apple went into press, Mr. Henderson was reported to be blissfully unaware of the possibility that a major political party could just not give a fuck about what the public thinks.

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